Maximum Benefit has developed a truly synchronized solution with Canada’s leading payroll platform, Payworks. Tandem allows administrators to input and maintain payroll and insurance data effortlessly. It’s the only real-time integration of payroll and benefits for Canadian businesses, and saves administrators’ time by conveniently streamlining workflow and eliminating double entry.

You’ve probably heard of payroll and benefits integration by now, but what does real-time synchronization really mean? First, let’s look at adding an employee. You’ll add the employee to payroll, and then, to add them to benefits as well, all the duplicate information will be pre-populated on the benefits application, and this employee’s payroll and benefits are now in sync.

Hmmm, neat. But you only saved me a minute.

Alright, then let’s look at a salary change. You’ve promoted an employee and entered their new earnings into the payroll system. This is shared in real-time with your benefits plan, and that change will be processed for you, as well. That salary change will affect any premium based benefits, which will be reflected on the premium file that is shared each month with payroll. The system will recognize the change and present you with the new premium deduction amount for the employee. One small earnings change on payroll just went for quite a journey and saved you three steps along the way.

Ok, I’m interested. What else?

So, now that you know how a simple salary change can have a large impact on your time, what about when everyone’s premiums change? When you’re making an amendment to your plan, or at renewal time, everyone’s premiums will change. The new premiums for your entire plan flow through to the payroll system and the new deduction amounts are automatically calculated for you, and are ready to import. What used to take a day of comparison, calculation, and data entry, is now done in just one click.

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Convenience & Streamlined Workflow

With Tandem, you’ll spend significantly less time updating everything from employee records to benefit contributions.

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Simplified Premium Renewal

Rate changes for each benefit are automatically applied to employee records, meaning premium renewal time just got a lot less stressful.

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Accuracy Every Time

Employee records and benefit changes update automatically so payroll and benefits are always accurate with no need to constantly reconcile.