Absenteeism and presenteeism can seriously threaten a workforce’s productivity while creating significant hidden costs for business. The Employee Wellbeing dimension of Max includes a suite of virtual tools that can help employees stay healthy and productive – at work and home.

Included with every Health option, Max brings additional components designed to complete your traditional Extended Health benefit.

We’ve curated the world’s best health tools to supplement the Canadian healthcare system.

When employees want to talk to a doctor within hours, not within weeks, they just need to download the Teledoc app. For employers, Teladoc reduces absenteeism and gives staff in remote locations access to quality care.

  • See a doctor within an hour
  • Treatment for non-emergency conditions
  • Avoid in-person wait times and lengthy travel

If your employees or their immediate family members have concerns or doubts about a diagnosis or treatment plan, the Best Doctors service connects them to over 50,000 world-renowned experts who can provide answers and guidance.

  • Expert Medical Opinion
  • Find the Best Doctor
  • FindBestCare
  • Best Doctors 360°

Health and Wellness Tools

Health and Wellness Tools

Tools and resources for wellness at home and in the office

  • Health Navigation Platform
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Wellness in the Office


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We’ve outfitted Max with absolutely everything you need to take care of your employees – and your business – in the best way possible.


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