Many small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford to have a team of specialists on hand to help deal with unexpected problems that require an expert opinion. But reliable guidance is what enables growing businesses to thrive.

That’s why Max is the first all-in-one employee care plan to provide support and resources to business owners.

Professional consulting on key issues, included with Max.

When owners and administrators log into Max’s my-benefits portal, they get access to the Healthy Business Bookmark by Arete®. It connects them to third-party experts who can provide confidential, one-to-one guidance over the phone. Think of it like Teladoc Medical Experts for complex business issues.

Professional Consulting

Legal, Financial and HR counsel

General human
resource advice

HR advice for general issues

Employee referral to counselling
3 hrs

Professional counseling
for each employee

Essential business tools

Checklists, templates,
articles and podcasts


Learn more about the four dimensions of employee care.

We’ve outfitted Max with absolutely everything you need to take care of your employees – and your business – in the best way possible.


Find out how Max delivers on the
four dimensions of employee care.

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