How do people want to be taken care of at work? The answer is simple, in a way that makes their whole lives better.

Max is a completely reimagined plan that delivers on all four dimensions of employee care; Employee Benefits, Business Health, Employee Wellbeing, and Workforce Integration.

So what does an all-out employee care plan actually look like?

Business Health Resources to help leaders confidently navigate financial, legal, and HR challenges. Employee Wellbeing Tools that empower employees to manage their family’s health on their terms. Employee Benefits The most comprehensive package available to small and mid-size groups, proudly administered by Johnston Group. Workforce Integration A total workforce management system, available exclusively to Max and Payworks customers.

Are you getting the feeling that you’re current benefits plan is a little one dimensional? We should talk.

Find out how Max delivers on the four dimensions of employee care.

Consult with an Expert

Max is fully underwritten by Empire Life, and proudly administered by Johnston Group. Meaning, all of the administration, claims payment, and customer support is provided by friendly and helpful people, who listen first and take the time to explain and be flexible.

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