• Teladoc Medical Experts

    Teladoc Medical Experts

    Teladoc Medical Experts helps Canadians navigate the healthcare system through one-on-one coaching and support, and connects seriously ill individuals and their treating physicians with world renowned specialists to confirm the correct diagnosis and correct treatment plan, without having to leave home.

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  • Administrative Services Only

    Administrative Services Only

    Looking for better control over employee benefit plan costs? With an ASO plan, you have endless possibilities for plan design. ASO plans with Maximum Benefit provide a stable, cost-effective way of providing benefits to employees.

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  • Critical Illness

    Critical Illness

    In today’s world, medical advances mean people routinely live through conditions we previously thought of as life threatening. But surviving a health crisis can involve on-going expenses. Critical Illness coverage helps you meet the financial demands that often accompany a significant health change.

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  • Employee Assistance and Mental Health Program (EAP)

    Employee Assistance and Mental Health Program (EAP)

    By implementing an EAP, companies can maximize the performance and potential of their strongest asset – their people. A Maximum Benefit/Homewood Health Inc. EAP program strengthens organizations from the inside out.

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  • Health Spending Account

    Health Spending Account

    As employers compete for an ever shrinking employee talent pool, a Health Spending Account (HSA) can provide employers a valuable tool for attracting and retaining employees by adding flexibility and choice to their benefit program.

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  • Lifestyle Spending Account

    Lifestyle Spending Account

    It’s difficult as an employer to suit everybody’s needs when considering benefits. Implementing an LSA is a cost-effective way to show your employees you care about what uniquely interests them as individuals.

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  • Stop Loss

    Stop Loss

    In order to provide financial protection against large, catastrophic medical claims, employers normally purchase Stop Loss Insurance, which reimburses the employer for those expenses which exceed a specified deductible level.

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  • Travel Health

    Travel Health

    Under your Maximum Benefit program, travel health coverage is provided by Cooperators. The program covers 100% of eligible charges due to medical emergencies that take place outside your province or country of residence.

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  • YourNurse


    Balancing the demands of caring for a loved one, and being focused and productive at work, can be a challenge. YourNurse offers a valuable service to employees by addressing the caregiving challenge and providing real, tangible solutions.

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