You may have thought that ASO was something only large businesses can have, but Max is an option for companies with fewer than 50 employees too.

If you have a healthy group or want to move the team in that direction, you should be dictating your insurance needs to the carrier — not the other way around. Get more influence, authority and customization in your plan by making the switch to Max As You Go.


Plug and play design

Once you’re set up with Max As You Go, we’ll hit the open market for your life and disability benefits. Together, we can switch your carrier to get different features and rates, but from your employees’ perspective, nothing has to change.

They keep the same benefits card, use the same online portal, call the same phone number with questions and speak to the same people.


Control what you pay

Health, dental and short-term disability benefit claims are high in frequency but low in cost. We can look at your claims history to predict your needs for the future, and then offer coverage suggestions that you and your advisor can discuss. That way, you control your plan cost and know exactly where your employee benefit costs are going. We also set you up with Stop Loss insurance to protect you from the cost of an unexpected, catastrophic health claim.


An A.S.-what?

This kind of program goes by a few different names: some call it Administrative Services Only (ASO), others call it self-funded. We call it full control. Your company funds your own health and dental program and we administer the plan. We only charge you an admin fee when an employee makes a claim, and we outline all our fees up front.


Known risk

Some might say that an ASO program is risky, but risk is only negative when it’s unknown and unmanaged. We invest the time upfront to understand your claims history and get the most recent data on drug claims. We can tell you and your advisor how much to budget and what you can expect to pay in claims.

If we don’t think an ASO program is the right fit for your business right now, we’ll tell you so. And if you still want an ASO, we’ll offer advice that you and your advisor can use to get your group ASO-ready.


Honest stop loss insurance

Stop Loss insurance covers all expenses over a set threshold. You set the limit — like $10,000, for example. Even if you have catastrophic health claims totaling $50,000 in a year, you never pay a dollar over your $10,000 stop loss. More importantly, one high claims year will not affect your renewal the following year. That’s because we fundamentally believe that Stop Loss insurance is there for the unexpected, and that a one-time event shouldn’t affect your long-term rates.


No upfront funding required

Some insurance providers require you to establish a hefty company float before you can start an ASO program. Not with us. We use a claims recovery model. As your employees make claims, we pay them ourselves. Then, we send you a bill for the claim cost (interest free) and our fully- transparent administrative fee. The money that you’ve budgeted for your benefits program stays in your pocket — not ours.

Risk is only negative when it’s unknown and unmanaged. That’s why we invest the time upfront to understand your claims history.

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