Get the answers to the most commonly asked questions by plan members.

If my spouse and I have no children, can we both take Single coverage with no penalty in the future?

Yes, you can both take Single coverage with no penalty or restriction to future coverage. However, if you do have children, one of you will need to change your coverage to Family coverage within 31 days of the birth of the child. The other spouse could then cancel their Single coverage under the Health and Dental benefits.

When do I need to notify you I have had a change in marital status?

Marital status change notifications should be sent to us within 31 days. For individuals in a common-law relationship, please refer to your booklets for provisions specific to your plan.

I forgot to add my dependent child last year when he/she was born. Can I do it now?

It depends on the coverage you hold and the type of program your employer has.

  • If you hold Family coverage, the child will be added to your coverage effective their date of birth.
  • If you hold Single coverage, and your plan is mandatory, family coverage will be backdated to the date of birth of your child.
  • If you hold Single coverage, your plan is non-mandatory, and your child was born more than 31 days ago, you will also need to complete a Statement of Dependent’s Health, and medical underwriting will be required.

Can I assign more than one beneficiary?

Yes, you can assign as many beneficiaries as you want. Please make sure that you state the full name and the beneficiary’s relationship to you, along with percentages beside their name indicating the amount each is to receive.

Can I assign a young child as a beneficiary?

Yes. If the child is under the age of 18, however, you must also assign a Trustee as per the instructions on your Enrolment Application.

Why is my drug card not working?

The most common reason for problems with your drug card is that the pharmacist does not have your correct date of birth on their system. Please verify with them that they are keying in your correct date of birth. Another pharmacy error could be that they have inputted you as the spouse when you’re actually the employee, or vice versa.

Can you directly deposit my claim payments into my bank account?

Yes, this is a great way to receive your claim payments faster. Complete the Authorization for Direct Deposit request found in the Forms section on this website or go to Once in, select ‘Direct Deposit’ which is under ‘Your Profile’ from the menu on the left. Once you’ve entered your banking information you are ready to receive claim payments directly to your bank account.

I’m leaving the company; what are my options?

If you are leaving your company, we offer the ability for you to transition from your existing Maximum Benefit plan to individual Health and Dental coverage with ContinYou. To transition to ContinYou, you simply apply for, and purchase coverage, within 60 days of your group coverage ending. Coverage is guaranteed for the 1st of the month following the day your group Health and Dental benefits end. Learn more about ContinYou.

Which drugs require approval prior to filling a prescription?

Your plan may require you to obtain prior authorization before receiving reimbursement for certain drugs. Some drugs require you and your prescribing doctor to complete a form for review before you fill your prescription. The list of drugs can be found in the Resource Centre section of this site or can be accessed through Learn more about Prior Authorization.

What happens if I need medical attention outside of Canada or my province of residence?

If your benefit includes Travel Health coverage, you will be covered for 100% of eligible charges due to medical emergencies that take place outside your province or country of residence. There is no deductible and the benefit covers reasonable and customary costs of hospital accommodation, physician charges, diagnostic services, ambulance services, medical appliances, and emergency air transportation. Learn more about Travel Health.

Do you have an employee self-service website?

Yes, my-benefits® is your online portal to see your benefit coverages, track your claims, see your claims history and usage, print or order your benefit booklet or drug card, sign up for direct deposit for claim reimbursement, and much more. Visit and click ‘sign up’ to register.